Ask the Robot: Robot Revival

Performances / Installation / Videos / Music

Sunday, June 4th
Doors 7PM, Show 8PM
$5 Suggested Donation

The Frying Pan
Pier 63 North River, NYC
12th Ave., Between 22nd& 23rd

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Robot Revival is curated by Ophra Wolf and is masterminded in
collaboration with Meghan Trainor, Zoë Woodworth, and Kelly Shindler.

Ask the Robot: Robot Revival

Call for Participation

Meghan Trainor

In her performance piece 16 Horsepower Meghan Trainor scans pieces of ceramic and graphite embedded with RFID tags to trigger different sounds from an audio database culminating in a series of tracks triggered by a RFID chip in her arm. This piece aims to help the audience understand and imagine the coming "Internet of Things" as well as emerging capabilities to modify the human body. Collaborators include ceramicist Michelle Anderson and programmer Stephen Koch.

Joshua Fried

Powerbook, Boombox, electrified shoes and steering wheel transform bits of commercial radio--grabbed live, right-on-the-spot--into recombinant funk, explicitly musical and implicitly political--LIVE.

The youngest composer in Schirmer Books' American Music in the 20th Century, Joshua Fried is also known for his remix work for They Might Be Giants, Chaka Khan, Ofra Haza and others, and for performances as subversive as they are absurd.

Loud Objects

Loud Objects

Kunal Gupta, Katie Shima, and Tristan Perich build a circuit on top of a projector and allow the sound to take shape as we solder. The audience sees and a black and white projection of wires, chips, fingers, and solder smoke, and they hear VERY LOUD, but often very cute, noise.

Michael Horan

Michael J. Horan

Michael J. Horan is an artist and robot lover based in New York City. His work focuses on the relation between sonic perception and space, with an emphasis on interactivity. A recent graduate of New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program, he is pursuing several projects and opportunities in the name of Robot. More information can be found at

Jessica Delfino

Jessica Delfino is a mischievous lass who sings naughty songs and tells jokes in between. She was described as "A cross between Redd Foxx and Jewel" by The Onion, and recently warranted a "7" for her CD, "Dirty Folk Rock" in Vice Magazine. Her CD is findable at

Greg Burrows:   Solo Percussion Rhythm Experience

Greg Burrows is a drum set and multi-percussion player based in The Bronx, New York City. He has performed and/or recorded with: Billy Martin of Medeski Martin & Wood, Alessandra Belloni, Steve Gorn; jazz artists Kevin Hays, Bill Charlap, Sal Salvador, Eddie Bert, and Evelyn Blakey (daughter of Art Blakey); vocalist/songwriter Sloan Wainwright; 60’s pop icons Little Anthony and the Imperials, and The Tokens; and tap dance groups RhythMutation and Tap Fusion. He teaches privately and offers Taketina® group rhythm workshops (, and is currently appearing throughout New York City with klezmer legend Andy Statman.

Base 2

Base 2

Rose, Allison, Sarah, and Lollo are united in their common goal of performing death defying feats with the sheer force and wit of bodies coming together. The acrobats would like you to know that all the tricks you see tonight are completely mechanized and should not be tried at home with out the help of domestic robots. Base 2 thanks LAVA for the inspiration and insight so generously bestowed upon us.


Morgan Barnard, Adam Caine, Lorenzo Sanguedolce: Improvisation for guitar, sax, and video

Barioska Ipinza

Monologue: The Buyer

Written by Berioska Ipinza, performed by Pietro Gonzalez of LaMicro Theater

The Buyer is a short monologue, part of a series called RAYO. Pietro Gonzalez was Born in Chile and is the Artistic Director of LaMicro Theater. He studied at New York University where he acquired a Master in Educational Theatre. He has performed in New York City and around the and is not only an actor but also a teaching artist. Berioska Ipinza is a performer and playwright from Chile. Also the Artistic Director Associated of LaMicro Theater.

Call for Volunteers
Jite Agbro

Dress-forms with Tesla Coil pattern

Jite Agbro has been active as a an artist and curator for over a decade. Her practice combines traditional printmaking with elements of graffiti, pictographs and illuminated manuscripts; in essence all forms of printed communication.

Brendan Howell

Brendan Howell

Brendan Howell is an artist and an engineer from Baltimore, MD. His work documents a fictional history of contrived technological products. He subverts scientific control fantasies and the myth of corporate success.

Sibyl5000 is a conversational robot oracle based on statistical data models: Sigmund Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams", the US Census Bureau's International Database of global demographics and the World Health Organization's Mortality Database. Her responses and prognostications negotiate between bourgeois neurosis and often fatal global realities.

Irina Zinkova Davis

Photographs of young humans: Lena, Tanusha and Albina were photographed in Penza State Orphanage in Russia.
Irina Zinkova Davis was born in the USSR. She immigrated to California in 1998 and has been living and working in New York since 2004. She is currently completing the M.A. in Studio Art at NYU.
Her theses exhibition "Almost America" opens 2006, Tues, June 6, 6-8 p.m. On view June 7-June 29, Mon.-Sat. 10-5. 80 Washington Square East Galleries. T 212.998.5747

Mac McKean

Abstract Evolutionary Expressionism 1 & 2

In these two generative works, natural selection is the artist, as a population of colored shapes, or "creatures," compete for survival and evolve. The creatures -- each with its own DNA of red, green and blue -- breed new colors and consume each other for food, generating a visual ecosystem and artwork that transforms each moment.

Mac McKean is a video and installation artist in New York.

Carlyn Maw

RoOMba (Nirvana-Seeking Robot v0.1)

An iRobot® Roomba® Vacuuming Robot has been sent on a journey to discover a spot on the floor of the Frying Pan. The spot represents the Roomba's Nirvana. Carlyn Maw is a Resident Researcher and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Communications at NYU's Interactive Telecommunciations Program and a practioner of Astanga Yoga.


Christian Croft


Freudster is a textual analysis system that explores how Freud's theories might be understood by the millions of people on the social networking site MySpace. The application browses MySpace user profiles, and progressively pairs them with paragraphs from Sigmund Freud’s writings.  The program measures the reading level of each MySpace user’s “About Me:” description and then rewrites Freud's prose to match that user's level. As if they were collectively reading Freud, these reworked paragraphs then animate word by word to form low-resolution images of each MySpace user.


Kate Hartman


Inspired by issues of censorship and surveillance, (un)dress examines the daily ritual of dressing and undressing through a series of anonymous yet intimate video portraits.

Kate Hartman is an artist whose work ranges from video installation to wearable electronics. She is currently pursuing her masters at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Laura Winton

Laura Winton

Laura Winton, aka Fluffy Singler, is a writer and performer who is currently pursuing her PhD in theatre at the University of Minnesota. Her work largely involves turning text into performance, including spoken word piece with her poetry band The Bruitists and work in the Minnesota Fringe Festival, Frinj of the Frinj, Lady Fest Chicago, etc.  Her current piece, “The Waiting” incorporates her interest in working with found materials to create context, or a backdrop for other things to occur.  She is the editor of the journal Karawane: Or the Temporary Death of the Bruitist (, a journal of performance texts and of writers who perform their work. 

Her personal website is http://www.fluff

Submission Guidelines
Videos curated by Kelly Shindler

Gigi Ng

Gigi Ng

Generik Presents (2004, 2:40, 16mm)

GENERIK man performs his life. Gigi Ng is an artist living in New York City and is now squarely focused on miniature sculptures of gas silos and ongoing projects with her artners in prime.

Katherin McInnis

Katherin McInnis

Predictions (2005, 1:00, dv)  

A jittery, sweet, very close look at the Musée Mécanique, full of flashes of the beautiful old metal and glass arcade machines. Each shot is six frames of video and simultaneous audio. Katherin is an artist and filmmaker based in San Francisco.

M. Caren McCaleb

M. Caren McCaleb

23 Reasons to Wig or Not to Wig (2003, 3:22, high-8)

Yet more wig propaganda designed to both attract and confuse the would be wiggler.   The film not very clearly elucidates what wig is and why you might want to do it. Wig is both a way of doing things and a group of people doing them. Caren is an artist and film editor based in California.


Berglind Ágústsdóttir

Untitled . (2005, 4:30, video)

A lo-fi, hybrid art film/music video shot in the lovely meadows of Seydisfjord, Iceland and featuring a menagerie of dancing characters.

Berglind is a visual artist, musician, and maverick based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Karen Knighton

Karen Knighton

Birds (2004, 1:20, digitally photographed stop-motion animation)

Once there was a lonely robot who loved birds.   The robot enjoyed inventing and building things.   One day the robot decided to build himself a new friend, a small yellow bird.  

Jon.Satrom + Yuppster

jon.satrom + Yuppster

Yuppster Video (2003, 3:04, gameboy-composed audio/hacked-hardware video). Audio by Yuppster, Video by jon.satrom. A supplement to the soon to be released album "Handheld" on Zod Records.

Darling Nerves

Darling Nerves

Darling Nerves are a four-headed rock 'n' roll beast, newly birthed from the garages of Brooklyn with a full set of teeth. They have been programmed by robots with orbital mind control lasers. They bear their all-too-human hearts on command.

Their self-titled EP will be released in late summer.

Sound by Ellis Traver, Lights by Ruben Saanich, DVD by Seth Pomerantz,
Graphic Design by Zoë Woodworth

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