four seasons: an interactive performance environment
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'Four Seasons' looks at cycles of transformation, and the role of interaction in processes of change.
There are five interactive elements in the environment – performer, viewers, music, lighting, and video – linked together by a series of feedback loops which allow the behavior of one to affect (but not determine) the behavior of at least one, if not several, other elements.

Four Seasons is set in an open gallery space within which a performance field is delineated. Outside the performance field, audience movement is not restricted. As audience approach the field, their movement triggers lights which both illuminate the space in different ways, and which cast the shadow of the viewers into the performance field itself, thus making their presence an integral part of the performance. Inside the performance field, the performer is moving in response to the music and to the movement of the audience around her. A number of sensors on the performer’s body translate her movement into input which affects processes and events in the musical composition. Changes in the music and lighting will in turn affect and distort the video projection, which hangs from above and is a streaming of the performance itself as seen from a birds-eye view.

Because this streamed projection is removed from the performance field, audience must choose which of the performances – live or video – to engage with, and as they move from one space to another, their choices become incorporated into the visual landscape of the environment.  Other visual and sensory elements, such as food, drinks, framed television screens projecting graphs of the sensor data, and an old telephone that sets hanging lights in motion, encourage audience to move around and explore the space. The environment in which the viewer and the performer are immersed is in a constant state of change, being shaped by the very movement  and interaction that is happening within it. Each performance is therefore absolutely unique!

The performance is 65 minutes in length and transforms to fit the space and time in which it is performed!
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